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With another MLG Arena on the horizon, BarCrafts are gearing up once again to bring together a community of passionate eSports fans in bars all across the world.  If you’re looking for a local BarCraft to attend, please check out the our sponsored BarCraft events where you can not only enjoy the best StarCraft 2 action, but win Tt eSPORTS gear while doing so!

If you’re interested in getting your BarCraft sponsored by Tt eSPORTS, please email

SoCal eSports BarCraft

Stop by our biggest sponsored west coast BarCraft this weekend hosted by SoCal eSports.  SoCal eSports has been running BarCrafts in the Orange County area for almost a year, and has only grown bigger with the rise of StarCraft 2.  This weekend, SoCal eSports will be tuning into MLG Spring Arena 2. The SoCal eSports BarCraft will be held at the following Buffalo Wild Wings locations.

FRI May 18th, 2pm - END(9p ish) :: BWW Lake Forest
SAT May 19th, 12pm - END(7p ish) :: BWW Lake Forest
SUN May 20th, 12pm - END (6p ish) :: BWW Lake Forest

Boston BarCraft

Tt eSPORTS is proud to also partner with the largest BarCraft on the east coast!  Boston BarCraft has been attracting StarCraft 2 fans in the hundreds and will be continuing their success for their Spring Arena 2 event.  They’ve also lifted their cover charge into the bar and have made their succesful and fun BarCraft events open to a greater audience.  With a new bi-weekly event known as Nerd Night at the local Good Life bar, it’s easy to see the local eSports community continue to grow for the future!

Good Life Boston
28 Kingston Street, Boston
MA 0211

UC Davis BarCraft

Another one for West Coast eSports fans!  UC Davis is hosting a student BarCraft event for Spring Arena 2 but all are invited!  As with all Tt eSPORTS sponsored BarCrafts, you’ll have the chance to win new Tt eSPORTS gear and prizes just by attending and participating in the BarCraft related events.  Be sure to stop by if you are in the UC Davis area!

Where: 3rd & U Cafe
223 3rd Street
Davis, CA 95616

More information here:

Johnny Hsu
Marketing Director
Tel: +886 2 87975788 # 2862

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