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What a weekend at MLG Anaheim! With a record being set for attendance, this was one to remember just based off of the enormous crowd. However there was loads of other storylines that made MLG Anaheim 2011 an instant classic.


The Story of White-Ra and the Open Bracket: After losing 2-0 to SeleCT at NASL, White-Ra had high hopes coming into MLG Anaheim. The gauntlet of the 200+ player open bracket is something every player dreads but with the versatility and depth of his play, things would go smooth right? Not at all. As many have heard, in the second round of the winner’s bracket, White-Ra was slated to go up against the now infamous eP. Gimix. However after showing up 15 minutes late to his next match, he was DQ’d and sent into the open losers bracket (the real gauntlet of MLG). Saturday morning started at 11:30AM with the guru of special tactics taking his first step in what seemed to be a marathon of a day. There was close series after close series up until the awesome story of eP.Gimix in loser’s round 7. In an extended series format, White Ra started down 0-2 because of the earlier disqualification. Yet in an extremely mannered turn of events, Gimix intentionally sent all of his SCV’s straight to White Ra’s main, and gg’ing out to make the series tied, 2-2 in a best of 7 format. The following two games featured a warp prism zealot/sentry drop, and White-Ra won the series 4-2 overall. The quest to play on Sunday continued with matches against some of the best players in the world, yet none could stand in the way. Despite an endless bracket it seemed, White-Ra ended up making it to Sunday! This image sums it up pretty well if I do say so myself (image courtesy of FlyingCake on


Check Six Gaming: After a tour of Thermaltake’s NA headquarters on Friday, courtesy of Travis Hezel; the CheckSix team headed to Internet Gamerz LAN center to practice before heading off to compete in Friday evening’s matches.  Both Jimmy ‘ThisIsJimmy’ Van Sise and Bob ‘Ver’ Ekkebus made it through Friday without losing a series, setting them up in a great place for Saturday’s matches.  Erik ‘Shadow’ Kim, Kenny ‘Mystik’ Vu, Rob ‘Kool’ Jiang Eric ‘Arcanne’ Ma and Ver put up a good fight on Saturday, but dropped one by one to the increasingly tough opponents until finally ThisIsJimmy was the last one standing.  After a loss to SlayerS Ganzi sent him to the losers bracket, Jimmy rallied back to defeat TD.Attero before falling to Team Liquid’s Tyler in the second round of the Championship Lower Bracket.  On Sunday, Jimmy recieved a forfeit win against coL.Drewbie, lost to EG.Machine, then took a hard fought series against FXOChoya to finish 26th in the tournament.

The team showcased their teamwork and comradely throughout the weekend while watching each other’s matches; cheering the wins and consoling during losses.  Thanks to great sponsors like Tt eSPORTS, CheckSix is on the rise in the Starcraft 2 community and is showing tournament after tournament that they are a force to be reckoned with.


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