Battle Dragon Power Bank


Show your eSports love, with the Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Edition 8800 mAh power bank. The Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Edition 8800 mAh power offers the capacity to take your mobile device anywhere.

USD $39.99



The 4 part LED indicator light offers a convenient way to tell how much juice is left in the Battle Dragon Edition 8800 mAh power bank.

DUAL USB PORTS (5V1A + 5V 2.1A).
The Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Edition 8800 mAh power bank comes with dual USB ports, a 5V1A USB and a fast charging 5V2.1A to support most mobile devices on the market. Whether you’re trying to charge a tablet, smart phone, or other portable device, the Battle Dragon Edition 8800 mAh power bank supports a majority of the devices on the market.
EFFICIENCT ENERGY CONVERSION. Use of smart technology ensures that the Battle Dragon Edition 8800 mAh power bank provides an exceptional 90% power conversion percentage to make sure you get the most out of your power bank and that you get the quickest charge possible.
True versatility, with ability to provide multiple charges. A fully charged Battle Dragon Edition 8800 mAh power bank is able to charge a variety of devices from empty to full repetitively.
Samsung S5 (2800 mAh)
2.1 times
Samsung Note 3 (3200 mAh)
1.84 times
Sony Xperia Z2 (3200 mAh)
1.84 times
Nexus 5 (2300 mAh)
2.57 times
LG G3 (3000 mAh)
1.97 times
HTC One M8 (2600 mAH)
2.3 times
Asus ZenPhone 5 (2100 mAh)
2.8 times






Battle Edition 8800mAh Power Bank x1
USB to micro-USB cable x1
User Manual x1
Carrying Pouch x1


8,800mAh (2,200x4) / 3.7V Li-on / 32.56Wh




5V2.1A & 5V1A (Total 3.1A)

Charging time



Fast Charging (2.1A)
Power Button
Dual Port Output
Brushed Decoration
Auto Power Off
Overload Protection
Over 500 cycles

LED indicator

LED Power Indicators ●●●●
(●●●●) 76~100%
(●●●◯) 51~75%
(●●◯◯) 21~50%
(●◯◯◯) 0~20%


Smartphone, Tablet, DC (Digital Camera), Gamepad




138 x 59 x 22.5mm




2 years

Gaming Gear

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